9 Reasons Accountants Should Not Try To Boost Profit In Their Business…

After working with and consulting over 500 accountants in the past 5 years. I have come to many conclusions about what it takes to become successful in this business. 

The most important conclusion I have come to is as follows: 

(Please pay attention to this, this is the make or break characteristic trait)

The only thing difference between the accountants with wildly profitable firms and those with unprofitable firms is “Willingness”

In other words… the firm owners who create profitable businesses are willing to step out of their comfort zone. They are willing to take risks. They are willing to face facts. They are willing to take marketing seriously. 

So… below is a list of 9 reasons you shouldn’t attempt to build a profitable accounting firm. 

If you are any of these 9 things, and you try to build profit into your firm… the chances of failure will be high… 

Why do I sound so crude? 

Because I have seen it happen again and again and again. 

In fact… early on in my entrepreneurial career… I was many of these things. 

I beat them out of myself 🙂 (With a stick!) 

  1. Focused on the past 
  2. Focused on the future 
  3. Tactic focused 
  4. Hourly Slaves
  5. Information addicts 
  6. Pain avoiders 
  7. Impulse slaves 
  8. Erratic daily schedules 
  9. Scared of selling 
  10. Not taking marketing seriously

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