About Kevin Izevbigie

Hi, I’m Kevin Izevbigie. I’ve been advising business owners on profitable direct marketing since 2012. I’m a Direct Response Copywriter, Growth Strategist and Speaker.

I focus on maximising client opportunities for B2B Expert, Coaches & Consultants using online media…

…and of course… communicating stronger messages to your target audience (the real secret behind online success).

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How My Work Will Benefit You

The central question I explore through my work is,

How can B2B Coaches, Consultants & Speakers – who are exploring ways to scale their business online – generate consistent client opportunities every day, every week using superior paid traffic strategies and stronger selling words

– Kevin Izevbigie

My writing focuses on topics like…

  • How to get started with paid traffic and ignore all the things that are not important.
  • How to effectively use copywriting to boost sales revenue
  • How superior copywriting (selling words) can be used to build “know like trust” with your audience.
  • How to pick the right scaling strategy for my expert business
  • How to create a long term marketing strategy that suits your skills
  • How to generate a consistent stream of leads and opportunities online
  • How to setup automated sales and disqualification systems online
  • How to start and grow a profitable online profit centre for your expert business without getting on the phone
  • How to create measurable marketing campaigns
  • How to produce value-based sales messages that generate leads
  • How to achieve big results without overwhelming yourself

…and much more. Most importantly, I write about strategies you can implement right now to generate more opportunities in your expert business.

Here is a fact:

You Have A Lot Of GOOD
Competitors… How do you win?

I mean… you do want to win… right?

There are an aundance of opportunities. This is the abundance mindset. It is accurate.

However, strong companies with strong copy and strong traffic strategies tend to take ALL.

Abundance doesn’t mean it’s distributed evenly. It simply means that if you are good (at attracting attention at scale and converting that attention) you can get your share.

The sophistication of the internet has broken down barriers to entry.

Anyone, anywhere can claim expertise. I have witnessed “bad” experts making a lot of money because they were good at running traffic and delivering good messages.

I do not work with those people.

Real experts – in my experience – tend to be bad at these two things.


Well… because they are good at what THEY do! Nobody can master every skill. Right?

Sound like you?

Fact is, your message – as a real expert – must be distributed in the world so you can actually help people solve their problem.

That is where I come in. I work with a select handful of experts to help them distribute clear messages to their audience and fill up their calendar with appointments.

(Feel free to join the waiting list if that sounds like you.)

Have you ever thought to yourself…

I know How To Help These People
I Just Need More Calls – Consistently!
How Do I fix My Traffic Problem?

Good question. Simple answer.

Follow the eyeballs. Follow the eyeballs with differentiated marketing messages and automated sales systems… and.. they will find you.


It’s not about just being online. There are over 50 media channels and 1000 of strategies that ‘could’ work.

Its about being online PROPERLY!

I explore all of these issues in my B2B Copy & Traffic Newsletter. Start here!

About Me

Here are a few notable facts about me…

Entrepreneur of over 6 businesses over the last 10 years and marketing consultant to many others

  • Generated over £5,000,000+ for clients through marketing campaigns in 2016 – 19.
  • Built a performance agency to over $1m in 3 years using direct marketing.

Creator of Traffic Copy Method and the popular B2B Copy & Traffic Newsletter.

  • Worked with and Advised over 200 business owners on their marketing systems over the past 5 years.
  • Over 1,247 email subscribers to the B2B Copy & Traffic Newsletter.

Speaker at major events and private masterminds.

What to do Next

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