The Main Reason Why "Productivity" Doesn't Create Effectiveness At Work

Publish Date - 10th May 2021

Last Updated - 10th May 2021

A few years ago, I was obsessed with productivity and it made me less productive.

Today, I spend zero time on productivity. Yet, I am the most productive i've ever been. What changed?

The Truth about productivity is this: I stopped investing time into TRYING to be more productive. And I put that time into the actual work.

Ineffective Programmers

This is similar to how software engineers focus 30% of their time playing with (and fixing) config files of their favorite editor in the name of working quickly. Instead of writing new features or refactoring the actual product.

One is work. One isn't.

Ineffective Startup Founders

Or, the startup founder who invests weeks into getting Asana or clickup or basecamp to work. They already use one of them (not an issue), but they heard that the other one will make them more productive.

All the founders I spoke to that made this decision told me that it didn't work. To tool worked. But the productivity didn't increase.

They could have focused on sales or their clients instead.

One is work. One isn't.

Are You Avoiding The Work?

If you are obsessed with productivity books, courses or tools... ask yourself this: are you avoiding the work?