Sage reports that only 5% of accounting, tax and bookkeeping firms
are doing this...and it's making them wealthy...

“I Was Tired Of Selling My Accounting
Services For Peanuts… So I Started Selling My ‘Packaged Knowledge’ For $5,000 Per Client”

Dear Friend,

If I could show you a way to package your accounting skills. And then sell it as a packaged service for $3k - $10k per client...

And the client pays your fee upfront...

Would you be interested?

If you said yes…

Keep reading…

In this short letter, I’m going to expose you to a story behind how a bookkeeper went from “selling her time”…

To selling he “packaged” services for over $5,000 per client.

Paid upfront.

And – how you can use your accounting skills to copy what she did to free yourself from the “time-selling” business.

If you are an accounting entrepreneur right now and you want to learn how to book sales appointments with business owners who can (and will) pay MORE for your skills…

You are in the right place. 

First… I have a question: Do you think your accounting skills and the results your provide for your clients are worth more?

But you find yourself selling your services for peanuts?


So did Alyssa… my client.

I’m going to tell you a story about how Alyssa was practically FORCED to quit her business.

Because of how unprofitable it was. And go back to a corporate job.

While she was working, she never stopped trying to figure out how to rebuild her business.

During her search, she discovered the “Package System”.

Which I am going to expose you to today.

...And if you stick with me until the end of this shocking (but very short) presentation that marketing consultants would pay a fortune to take down…

I’ll show you, like I showed a small group of accountants in 2019, what actions to take to create your $5k “Packaged Service” and book sales appointments every day…

Without blogging.
Without spamming randomly on linkedin or
Without spamming people with cold email.

WARNING: What I’m going to expose you to today has nothing to do with the “Getting more accounting and tax clients” that all these “coaches” seem to be talking about.

Most of them – not all of them – but most of them… are not even accountants.

They do not understand the pain or challenges of running a firm, let alone working as an accountant.

Probably… you have been lead to believe that all you need to do is jump on Linkedin or cold email, and spam the world to get more clients.

“It’s a numbers game” they say…

That is an insult.

Listen: that “might” work.

But I am 99% certain that you will not attract the quality clients you are looking for.

What you're going to discover is shocking proof that you do not need 100, 50, 20, or even 10 new clients per year to build a hyper profitable business.

You can steal your time back by working with less clients. And charging more per engagement.

Before I tell you how to did this, and the actions you should copy….

Let me tell you how Alyssa did it…

My Name Is Kevin Izevbigie ACMA, CGMA. I Am An Accountant (Like You)
And I Consult With Over 150 Accountants Every Year On Business Growth.

One of those accountants - last year - was Alyssa. ​

24 months ago she was working in a corporate business as a Junior Finance Director. She - like most overachievers - hated being trapped in her job. She left and started up on her own.

10 months went by and she found herself in another PRISON. Arguably a bigger prison.

You see, she left her job and fell for the same trap ALL accountants fall for.

The “Get more bookkeeping, tax and accounting clients” trap...

What she didn’t realize of course is that, going to the market and telling the world that “I do tax, I do bookkeeping, I do accounting” is a commoditised message.

Most accountants do this. They offer no packaged services. No results. Just "actions"

Thus, you attract CHEAP clients.

And she did exactly that. Attracted the lowest level clients.

15 clients, not paying her enough to outsource the “grunt work”. She was stuck doing mundane tasks for low paying people and businesses. They demanded the world from her.

She was overworked and underpaid. Basically… A Prison.

Worse, she was doing data entry… as an FD level accountant.

“I hate my life” She said to me when I first spoke with her.

At least in her job she was bringing in more money. But she never had the time in that job to spend and travel with her 2 little boys. Ages 3 and 6.

Now, she was trapped between 2 things she didn’t like. Working for a corporate company that wanted her blood


Working for her cheap clients, that wanted her soul.

She had to make a decision…and…

She was forced to go back to work… in shame!

Then, she heard about the Package System…

After discovering the system she asked me 2 questions:

Firstly - She wanted to know if it was possible build a package around her skills that she can deliver for $3k+ per client without working 12 hours per day.

Secondly, she wanted to know if she could book appointments with new prospects automatically… without spamming peoples email or Linkedin.

Fact is, she wanted to spend time with her boys.

“Yes to both!” I told her

I continued...

But, a more powerful question is - what Accounting Package do I need to develop to attract higher paying clients that value my work, and pay for it?

Before showing her my system, I told her a secret. As secret that I’m going to tell you right now…


“You just need to become an advisor to your clients.”

With that… we got to work

Just 4 months into running her new packaged service firm, she’s now bringing in over $14K per month by partnering with a few elite clients (instead of dozens of needy, low-paying “micro-clients”).

She increased her revenue (compared to the first time) by 350% in month-on-month revenue...with just THREE new clients!

Only three!

Today: she is generating over $40k/m profitably.

I’ve worked with enough accounting firm owners just like Alyssa to say this confidently:

You probably have a similar “pocket of profit” hiding inside you...

...and chances are you’re giving that extra value for free (to your cheap clients or your prison-style job)

That’s what Alyssa was doing.

Her clients were paying her peanuts for compliance services...

...and then calling her for high-level, high-value financial advice, based on her strategic understanding of their complex historical numbers.

Then, they’d turn around and use her creative predictions to make better decisions and generate millions, double their profit margins and eliminate massive risk.

Alyssa never considered charging for her advice (or creating a premium offer BUILT around this strategic work).

But that free labor stopped the SECOND I introduced her to my Package System, and gave her a step-by-step process for leveraging her current expertise and re-positioning it as a high-end, results-driven advisory solution.

Once we packaged her offer and promoted it to a fiscally-motivated market, the results were nearly immediate.

Within 4 weeks, Alyssa had made her first advisory sale ($12,451) for an 8 week Quickbooks implementation project, with MINIMAL, easy to outsource compliance work.

With it, came a 4-figure ($2,741/m) virtual CFO retainer

Just 2 weeks later, she closed another virtual CFO retainer.

Her life changed. Her business changed. With only 3 sales!
Alyssa was not the only one…

Over The Last 6 Months, 18 Accountants Were Able To
Generate Consistent Sales Appointments
And Sell Their Packaged Service.

And.. she is not the only one...

Two more stories:

First Eric. He went from complete burnout with 500 clients selling returns to selling tax maximisation and cashflow management consulting services for $5k per month. Per client.

Here is what he said when I interviewed him: 

"I had over 400 tax return clients. It was hell. Now I sell bigger deals to less clients! Life is good!"

The second story: Amervim went from selling accounting and tax services to anyone that would take it… to specialising on relocating businesses to tax hubs and providing them on going tax advisory.

He now charges his clients a minimum of $8,000. Paid up front.

When I interviewed him, he told me that his firm grew 300% within 6 months!

My advice to him was simple: Get out of the time selling business.

Imagine waking up one date and your calendar has new appointments from new prospects. Now imagine that you see it happening every day. You wake up in the morning and you have one new appointment. Every day. Monday to friday. Let’s just say you are really bad at sales and you only close ONE of them. That is one project per week.

Let’s also say you sell it on the cheap end. $3,000 per client. That is $3k per week.

Here is the best part. We want 3 sales appointments per day!

With that, you will know deep down that you can build a profitable firm that you love.

This Will Work Even If You Believe
You Are A Bad Salesperson

The late, great, Peter Drucker - world renowned management consultant, educator, and author - has a quote that I live by:

" The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous"

In other words, your marketing will do most - if not all - of the selling for you. In the package system, the marketing is built in.

First, we create an irresistible package which is 40% of the marketing job. Then we create the marketing system to book appointments. That is another 40%.

The selling is only 20% because the marketing does the heavy lifting.

Eric, Amervim, Alyssa, and all the other clients I worked with did this. It works if you focus on it.

By the time you have qualified prospects on the phone, they are ready to buy your services. You just need to nudge them over the line.

Simple is always best. Wake up, take a sales appointment automatically generated by the marketing system we build and run for you.

And you sit back and watch the clients roll in.

Do You Want Consume Information Or Actually
Grow Your Business Profitably?

I have to be honest with you. If you are looking for “more information”… this isn’t it. This is an implementation program where my time does 80% of the work (the marketing and tech part). And you close new clients.

I am not here to judge. The world we live in today is a world of entrepreneurs addicted to information consumption. All video watching. No action.

People are selling courses for $1,000 of information they found on Youtube. If you want that sort of thing… You will not find it here.

My team and I are practitioners. If you are looking for results look no further.

We build you a marketing system that generates calls for your packaged service.

You go to sleep knowing that you are moving in the right direction.

And you can turn off the “Youtube noise” and focus on your actual business growth.

Win Win.

Only 5% Of Accountants Are Doing This. It’s Making Them
Wealthy… It Might Be Too Late Soon!


Software company Onpay did a survey 1574 of business owners between $500k in revenue and $30m. Accountants were cited as their best professional resource.

However, 61% of business owners say that they are not happy with the range of services offered by their accountant.

The reason why 95% of accountants are stuck selling TIME is because they offer their clients “actions” instead of “results”

Here is the issue:

Most accountants offer compliance services. And stop their. They never get into the “future results creation” process for their clients.

This is where your Packaged service comes in. You build a package - based on your skills - to provide a transformational result.

Here is why this is so important: Business owners pay 5x more for RESULTS

When you craft your result-focused package offer you will be in the 5% of accountants generating over 70% of the new business.

You get paid more. You deliver results. Your clients get the result.

Everyone wins. That is the kind of business that helps me sleep at night… what about you? 

This System Is Different Because It Focuses
On Packages & Asset Marketing

When you grew up playing Tag… you chased your friends and they ran away - right? (If you didn’t play Tag growing up… you missed out!)

That is human nature. We run away from things that chase us. When you cold message people on facebook, linkedin or by email… people do not see you as a high status service provider that provides results.

We flip this around. We help you put your package content out their to attract people to “chase” you.

I suggest you do not run away. Instead, book them on your calendar for a sales appointment.

Here is the best part… we focus on building your asset list. An asset list is the names and contact information of everyone who has expressed interest in your package. They may not all buy now… but when they are ready to buy later… you are top of mind.

With these two elements of the package system… your growth compounds over time.

WARNING: try not to get too overwhelmed with the number of sales appointments.

First world problems.

But there is more to Asset Marketing than the list of qualified prospects…

After Selling And Delivering Your First Package…
You Will Sell More Projects To Existing Clients!

In short.. You will continually generate profits from clients you have helped in the past.

This is what my client Chriss did. The first thing we created her Packaged Service was sell it to her existing clients. What do you think happened?

50% growth in revenue is what happened.

If you look at the history of every successful business in the world… you will see this. It is more profitable to sell new things to old customers. That is why its so important to design a package offer that actually helps people.


Because they come back to more.

A client that pays you $5,000 can easy be worth $10,000 to $40,000 per year.

Think about that for a second. You pay to acquire a client once. Then, they pay you again and again and again.

It’s not easy. But its simple and attainable.

This System Will Position You
At The Top End Of Your Niche

We have spoken about getting “results” for your clients. But what does that really mean?

It means this: Helping your clients with profit, cashflow, tax or any other FUTURE result they wish to create.

Once you find the result you want to deliver (Note: you discover it by selling it, not watching videos about it!) you go all in on that one thing.

Take Eric: The Cashflow Doctor. He went all in on helping a certain industry fix their cashflow issues. The result?

A $5k per month retainer. One client.

You really do not need that many clients to build a profitable firm with clients like this.

All you need to do is decide who you help and how (which we help you do in step 1 of the system - more on that later)!

At this point… you are officially out of the time selling business. And into the wealth building business.

After working with and speaking with over 500 accountants over 5 years... I have perfected the system.

That is what I want to tell you about today. 


The 90 Packaged Client System:

We Build The Whole System For You!

Below I am going to walk you through the simple 4-step Package System.

Before that, I want you to understand that we do this for you.

Building the package.
Building the Profit Video Funnel.
Creating the Qualifying Booking System, and
Running paid marketing traffic campaign to get people to chase you.

All of it.

You just take the calls and close.

Got that?

Cool. Here is what it looks like:

Step 1 - One-on-One Package Design Workshop

In this first step we will do a one-on-one workshop to take your skills and turn it into a results-based, packaged service. It will likely take 2-3 hours.

Everyone talks about increasing prices… this is how to actually do it.

Get the benefit an expert packaged service creator to help you build your unique service offering.
With this level of clarity, you will be confident knowing you have a valuable offer to pitch business owners.

And that confidence is the single most important ingredient in selling your services.

In this session you will discover:

  • Revealed: Why “blind” marketing your accounting services will NEVER build a profitable business - and what you need to do instead
  • WARNING: This ONE common mistake will absolutely ensure you have unprofitable marketing! This first step tells you what you should do instead to get new, high paying accounting clients — profitably!
  • Revealed: Here’s what [group] know about [benefit]! (You won’t find this information anywhere else on the web!)
  • Here’s a sneaky little trick you can use to immediately increase your prices from hourly rates to $5,000 per project!

Step 2 - We Write And Build Your Profit Video Funnel.

In the second step, me and my team will take the packaged service and all the research used to create it and turn it into a case study video. My team of expert copywriters and researchers will create the most compelling video sales letter to attract your ideal clients.

This one asset is the heart of the whole system. This is what brings people to YOU!

Attract new, qualified leads to you without lifting a finger.

Ideal clients from all over the country (or world) will be exposed to your new offer. Which gives you the
opportunity to making them new clients.

Once this system is created, you will never have to ask “where will my next client come from?” - ever again.

In this step you will create:

  • Here’s a dead-simple way to attract higher paying accounting clients - it’s so easy a child could do it!
  • Revealed: Here’s what profitable accountants know about booking appointments online! (You won’t find this information anywhere else on the web!)

Step 3 - We Create The Prospect Booking System

In the third step we build you an automatic appointment booking system. This system is unique because it weeds out the people who cannot pay for your services. As well as the people who have no intention of paying for your services.

This is the important part: It saves your time. There is nothing more time consuming than trying to sell your services to people who do not qualify.

Picture this: you wake up in the morning, look at your calendar and you have 1-2 new qualified appointments from people who are interested in buying your services.

All you need to do is make sure they are a good fit, and let them have it!

In this step you will see:

  • Here’s how to get your marketing done without having to touch the tech - ever again!
  • You’ll discover a legal way to fill up your calendar with sales appointment - it’s like stealing candy from a baby. (Seriously though, don’t take candy from babies — its mean!)

Step 4 - We Strategise Your Paid Traffic Attraction System

In this final step, my team designed a media campaign (think TV on the internet) to attract qualified leads to watch your Profit Video (step 2)

This is the engine that keeps people interested. This is how you turn the money on in your business.

With this, you have a full client acquisition system you can use to attract the best clients.


This is where the money is made and why:

  • Why I’m so confident that I can guarantee you 30 leads per week!
  • See Step 4 of the system to discover startling truth about paid marketing!

The Time Is Now

If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll get the same result. That’s why each moment you hesitate is another moment you’ll struggle with pricing your services correctly… Then selling it.

Each day that you’re not using this remarkable system is a missed opportunity. Block out 20 minutes in my calendar and book your Firm Growth Session to get started…

Right at this moment there are accounting entrepreneurs all over the world who’re sitting down to new sales appointments that “appear” on their calendar.

That could be you.

You could be the one with a simple, Profit Video.

You could be the one talking to highly qualified leads about your services - every day.

You could be the one winning new packaged accounting clients for $3k - $15k.

There’s only one path to those dreams – and it starts right here when you book a Firm Growth Session…

10 Qualified Appointments Or It’s FREE!

Go ahead and book your no obligation Firm Growth Call right now. If we build you this system and you do not generate 10 qualified sales appointments within the first 60 days, I’ll refund every penny – guaranteed!

Why am I so confident you ask? 

Because this system works. Book your Firm Growth Session Now. Let's get started!

Kevin Izevbigie, ACMA, CGMA

Firm Growth Expert

P.S. Hurry and claim your complete money-making package right now, which includes the “Package” Creation Session, the Profit Video System, An automatic appointment qualifier and a done for you paid marketing campaign! We will design your strategy on a growth call FREE… so book now! 

Because of how intensely we work with our clients, we can only take on a limited amount of firms to help. If you are seeing this letter... we have only 3 slots left.

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