Kevin Creates Cold Email Strategies. For B2B SaaS And Service Brands That Sell Expensive Stuff

Known as the best Cold Email specialist for expensive B2B services. And Enterprise SaaS. Invested the 3-part Money Variables Framework. Use it to create a cold email system that works. Land your emails in the prospects inbox (not the spam folder). I share my experience closing deals with cold email on my podcast Confident Cold Email.

My Clients Say A lot of Sweet Things About me 😊

Apparently, I am really good with B2B SaaS products. Not my words 🙂

SaaS Testimonial

Enterprise SaaS + Kevin = Leads 🔥

And B2B Services

Deliverability Testimonial

(+40% deliverability means 40% more emails sent without doing more work!)

Note – 5 new leads per week is pretty awesome if your selling price is $50k.

“Kevin really shone a light on sales for us! We went from having zero knowledge of phone sales and how to introduce it. To having an entirely new sales process documented and generating clients.”

– Dan, CEO – Mr Bamboo Cup
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These B2B Business Owners Really Smart Entrepreneurs Said
Sweet Things About Me On VIDEO! How Nice…

200% Revenue Increase in 6 months using our strategies

Sold His $25,000 B2B Service in 30 days. Plus 2 new leads

Added $17,000/m within 60 days

Really really loved working with us

Here is what you need to know about me: 😊

  • I have worked with multiple VC backed SaaS brands. I built their cold email systems and continue to manage them.
  • Obsessed with cold email. I record my journey, insights and learnings on my podcast Confident Cold Email
  • Sent cold emails and generated $100,000 from a hospital bed. This is going to sound like a movie… but I was contracted with a rare disease* (now gone!) that left me bed bound. Nothing cold email cannot solve
  • I spent 10 years in B2B marketing before I ever touched sales. These insights are valuable for integrating the sales and marketing department.
B2B ECom Testimonial

Full Review Here

  • I built a multi 7-figure company between 2015 – 2018 using strategies I now help my clients with. Lot’s of cold emails sent. Lots of paid traffic dollars spent. Lots of money generated.
  • Highly technical (I spend my free time writing code. When I am not playing with my daughter!). The truth is… cold email is more technical than creative. Do not let people tell you otherwise.
  • International speaker (kinda… pre-covid!). I cover topics including B2B sales, cold email and email deliverability.

*I was lucky enough to get acute emphysematous gastritis. It sucked.

Join 453 people on my “Whats Working In Email” Newsletter

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